Case Studies

An in-depth look at the dangers of ‘junk’ pet food and the benefits of a raw meaty bones diet.

Testimonials & case studies

Thousands, maybe millions, of pet owners can testify to the ‘before’ of a junk industrial food, BARF raw slop and other FADs (Financially Advantageous Diets) and the ‘after’ of a raw meaty bones based diet.

Enlightened vets encourage their clients to make the good health switch. We propose to publish well documented cases showcasing the raw meaty bones ‘miracle’ treatment and preventative.

Case studies on national TV 1993

It’s not new. It’s plain for all to see. Nature’s key to the carnivore code, Raw Meaty Bones, are the essential food

Further Case Studies

Observe 8-year-old Wally Muir, the Maltese Terrier, before and after his life-saving full mouth extraction, as we showcase the significant

We’ve long known that raw meaty bones are the essential toothbrush, dental floss, food and medicine for carnivores, whether wild,

Feline gingivostomatitis is a vile and painful disease of cats. It starts early in life and as the disease advances

Cats and dogs are their own worst enemy (if you discount the junk pet food/vet/fake welfare alliance). Cats and dogs

See handsome George the diabetic Maine Coon cat after he recovered from the ravages of a junk food diet and

Dr. Mei Yam – Bligh Park Pet Health Centre Pippin’s Case On 15th December 2022, an email arrived, entitled ‘Feline

Raw Meaty Bones Testimonials

These testimonials, taken from Dr Lonsdale’s new book, Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding In Plain Sight, highlight the positive effects of a raw meaty bone diet compared with industrial junk, whether cooked or raw.

We believe our cat’s life-threatening diabetes was caused by the high-grain content of the vet-recommended, dry pet food that we innocently fed him, due to the prevailing misinformation available to pet owners. Since his diagnosis in 2012, after changing his diet to a more natural, traditional diet of raw meaty bones he is disease-free, medication-free, and far healthier than previously.

Owners of George, The Maine Coon Cat.

She was given a raw chicken frame which she hungrily attacked. She then looked for more chicken frames, which of course she received and which she proceeded to bury industriously. Previously she couldn’t care and showed little interest in food…

Rosie runs like a puppy now; her coat is silky and beautiful, and she has a clean fresh smell in her mouth at all times. Her eyes are so bright, and she actually shows joy in her face. Rosie is loving life again and now enjoys playing games.

Owners of Rosie, 11 yr old Maltese.

Within a week the milky blue shadows in Connor’s eyes had receded and they are barely there a month later. He is now alert and puppy-like in his playfulness and awareness of his environment. He does not yelp as much when lifted (I think he thinks he is going to hurt). Connor now runs like a puppy and has a fresh clean smell in his mouth at all times. His coat is silky and beautiful; he prances around with his head held high. He is so happy.

Owners of Connor, 12 yr old Maltese–Pomeranian cross
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