Dr Tom Lonsdale’s pioneering first book.

Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Heath, a book by Dr Tom Lonsdale
Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Heath, a book by Dr Tom Lonsdale
Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health, from author Dr Tom Lonsdale, is available in Paperback, eBook and AudioBook formats.

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The undeniable case for replacing 'junk pet food' with raw meaty bones.

Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health

Times change. However, our pets’ nutritional needs remain the same as their wild ancestors millennia ago.

Cats, dogs and ferrets need raw meaty bones to stay strong, healthy and happy. This timeless truth, however, has been lost to pet owners, with disastrous consequences.

In Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health, ‘whistleblower vet’ Dr Tom Lonsdale draws upon decades of research to explain how industrial diets devastate pets’ health, with tartar-encrusted teeth, sore gums and stinky breath signalling the downward spiral of sickness, suffering and endless trips to the vet. 

He shows why dogs and cats crave the ripping, tearing and crunching of raw meaty bones – nature’s miracle treatment and preventative. As well as providing the right nutrition, the tough, chewy texture has medicinal benefits: keeping their teeth clean, gums healthy and breath sweet. This, in turn, benefits their immune system, heart, liver, lungs and kidneys.

First published in 2001, and still as relevant today, Raw Meaty Bones makes no apology, exposing a veterinary profession lost without a moral compass, beholden to multinational ‘junk pet food’ companies.

The pet health revolution starts here, protecting your pets, your wallet, and the natural environment. 

Testimonials for Raw Meaty Bones

This book is an interesting read for veterinarians and non-veterinarians alike; it forces us to all take a closer look at what we are feeding our pets, and to consider what really motivates commercial pet food manufacturers—their profits or the health of our animals.

Michelle Winn, J.D.


The book is one for the pet owner but it also holds insights for the campaigner and anyone interested in the power plays of big business, research and professional bodies.

June McGown

Law Society Journal

Each of us has a view on how to best raise and keep our dogs — we also recognise the need to update our knowledge. Raw Meaty Bones contains a wealth of convincing evidence and valuable information on canine systems and health matters.

Judy McMahon

The Canine Journal

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