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The Pet Food Con and Dr Tom Lonsdale feature frequently in the British and international media. Dr Lonsdale’s books have also received critical media acclaim. Read more about what the press has to say about his books here.

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Is this the most outrageous consumer fraud of modern times? For the past three decades, pet industry whistleblower Tom Lonsdale has dedicated himself to giving voice to the voiceless by waging war on what he sees as ‘junk pet food’, its manufacturers, and proponents. If you want to give your pet a long, healthy and happy future, read this book.

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If veterinarian and natural feeding campaigner Tom Lonsdale’s explosive assertions about the pet food industry are correct, Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud will go down as a landmark book, transforming our attitudes towards pet care just as Silent Spring by Rachel Carson reshaped our views towards the environment.

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Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud provides the shocking yet essential facts every pet owner needs to know.

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Dr Tom Lonsdale will go down in history as the pioneer of the raw meaty bone diet.

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Dr Tom Lonsdale’s message is as urgent as it is astonishing, and needs to be heard by pet owners everywhere.

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A dog is a man’s best friend. Return the favour by reading this book.

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Whistleblower vet Dr Tom Lonsdale hasn’t made many friends in the pet food industry, but he’s a hero to pet owners everywhere.


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In his book, Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health, Tom Lonsdale blows the whistle upon the cosy relationships between the veterinary profession and commerce; the media and commerce; school authorities and commerce; and animal welfare charities and commerce. He explains clearly how money talks, how industry has everyone sewn up, and how your dogs and cats suffer as a result. In fact, Tom uncovers nothing short of a scandal.

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The secrets to obtaining optimal, bounding health for your pet can be found in veterinarian Tom Lonsdale’s book, Raw Meaty Bones.

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The chapters documenting Lonsdale’s attempt to bring his findings to the public’s attention are fascinating. His bid to have his research published was blocked by the editors of scientific journals. He was criticised by fellow veterinarians, research scientists (some of whom were employed by pet food companies) and the pet food industry itself, which is worth billions of dollars a year. Raw Meaty Bones is a book that all pet owners and veterinarians should read.

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Australian veterinarian Dr Tom Lonsdale travels the world helping people to improve the health of their pets using a simple diet of raw meat on the bone. In this thought-provoking book, he inspires us to see a dog’s dietary needs from a dog’s perspective, taking into account Nature’s teachings, easily understood science and sound common sense. Work Wonders provides essential information for anyone interested in dogs, diet and health.

Animals Voice Magazine (SPCA Auckland)

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‘Work Wonders’, if you follow it, will do just that – ‘Work Wonders’. Whether it’s for yourself, a friend, neighbour, or vet, it will ‘Work Wonders’. An excellent and wonderful follow up to ‘Raw Meaty Bones’ that is a credit to Tom

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One of the loudest voices within the profession, for the raw meaty bones diet.

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Crikey Media LogoVeterinarian Tom Lonsdale is selling plenty of his book Raw Meaty Bones in the US but the Australian media seems to have blacked him out because the multinational pet food companies don’t want their dodgy doggy tucker exposed.

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