Campaigning for better pet health

Regulatory authorities have failed to apply existing animal cruelty and consumer protection laws. Their failure has allowed the junk pet food/vet/fake animal welfare collaborators to develop their bubble economy at enormous cost to pets, people and the planet.

Fighting Fraud

Bringing an end to the massive junk pet food fraud won’t be easy, won’t be quick.

Three elements need resolution by means of political and legal action:

  • Junk pet food companies: Consumer fraud and animal welfare issues.

  • Vet profession: Consumer fraud and animal welfare issues arising from dependence on bogus ‘science’.

  • Animal welfare groups: Minimising, excusing and justifying mass animal cruelty.

The slow grind of political action has begun with the links on this page.

Legal action needs to get underway.

Let’s hope the pace quickens in the coming years for the betterment of pets, people and the planet.

Palace of Westminister, London, UK

United Kingdom Parliament

PROCESSED PET FOODS AND VETS – EDM (Early Day Motion) 335: tabled on 07 December 2004

RAW MEATY BONES GROUP – EDM (Early Day Motion) 1003: tabled on 11 November 2005

Parliament House, Sydney, NSW, Australia

NSW Parliament, Australia

PRIVATE MEMBERS STATEMENT – Mr Paul Lynch MP, NSW Legislative Assembly, 13 May 2004

ANIMAL WELFARE – Mr Kevin Conolly MP, NSW Legislative Assembly, 14 August 2018

US Capitol Building


Gavel on a desk, depicting law courts


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