Video Screenshot showing the advanced dental decay on Wally, the Maltese Poodle.

Before & After: Stop The Mass Poisoning Of Pets By Vets

Observe 8-year-old Wally Muir, the Maltese Terrier, before and after his life-saving full mouth extraction, as we showcase the significant impact of commercial pet food and kibble on his dental health:

At the time of presentation, Wally was in a horrible state of health. Between the first presentation on Friday and the major dental work on Monday, we propped him up with antibiotics and ran some blood tests.

As is so often the case the pathology results provided no guidance. The fact of the matter, for pet dogs and cats facing major dental work, when blood results indicate that the parameters are only slightly different from so-called normal one must go ahead with the surgery.

When blood parameters are outside the ‘normal’ range, then ordinarily there’s nothing to be lost by performing radical dentistry. Most often the turnaround in clinical condition is excellent.

Wally had all of his teeth removed— what should have been his pride and joy, the tools of trade of a carnivore—and thankfully he made a good recovery. 

Screen capture from the video, showing the removed teeth of Wally, the Maltese Poodle.

Incompetent and corrupt

As grievous as the animal suffering is, as grievous as the veterinary incompetence is, the only noticeable response from the veterinary profession was the Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW 21 March 2016 letter where they advised me to ‘adjust the delivery of your message’. 

Letter to Tom Lonsdale. Click for PDF.
Letter from Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW, March 2016
Click for PDF

Seen in context this is much the same Veterinary Practitioners Board conduct described in May 2004, in the NSW Parliament as: ‘The whistleblower was punished. This is the action of a kangaroo court. It is a disgrace.’ 

Now in 2023, at the time of posting this message, the veterinary profession has shown no signs of improvement—arguably things are worse.

Please help the thousands of Wallys in this world. Please help shine a light on the incompetence and corruption. Please lobby your political representatives and instruct your lawyers. 

Thank you. 

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