Dog undergoing dental treatment.

Before & After: Raw Meaty Bones

It’s not new. It’s plain for all to see. Nature’s key to the carnivore code, Raw Meaty Bones, are the essential food and medicine for domestic carnivores. 

The following three documents set out in detail what you can expect when you switch your dog/cat/ferret from industrial food to a diet based on raw meaty bones:

1991 opening statement here: Oral Disease in Cats and Dogs

1992 Tuffy and Blossom Zubrycki before and after: Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health

1995 Tuffy, Blossom, Tess Abson and others before and after: Periodontal disease and leucopenia

Thirty years ago, besides attempting to persuade the veterinary profession of the towering importance of raw meaty bones, we were also busy reaching out to the wider community.

Here’s an extensive, thoroughly researched Australian Broadcasting Corporation segment: The Investigators – Filmed in November 1992 and broadcast in April 1993:

Did you notice Tess Abson, the distraught 12-year-old Maltese Terrier, undergoing life-saving dentistry? Briefly, at 2.12 mins, Tuffy and Blossom made an appearance ripping and tearing at their life-enhancing raw meaty bones.

Tess made an excellent recovery. She regained her ideal body weight, her devastating immune depression was cured, her lab tests recovered to within ‘normal’ range and her coat took on a new lustre. You can see the dramatic turnaround, with few remaining teeth in her head, in the TV segment: Ray Martin at Midday – March 1993:

Despite three decades of mounting evidence things are no better, perhaps worse. Besides the ruthless mega-corporations and their vet enablers, the animals now must contend with a horde of barfers and prey modellers selling their minced pap. 

Please help the dogs, cats and ferrets. Please help them receive their birthright: raw meaty bones.

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