Cat undergoing dental examination

Before and After: Avenging Kitty

Cats and dogs are their own worst enemy (if you discount the junk pet food/vet/fake welfare alliance). Cats and dogs don’t speak up when they are unwell or in pain. Consequently, the entirety of the world’s pets fed junk food, whether cooked or raw, are in distress whether chronic or acute. 

The tell-tale signs of ill health, the stinking dog’s breath, the dull dry lustreless coats, and the periodic bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting are overlooked as being ‘normal’. 

Occasionally owners can’t mistake the obvious and take their pet to the vet. 

See the video of 6-year-old Kitty at her first presentation to Bligh Park Pet Health Centre:

See how her canine teeth were protruding beyond her mouth. Notice her matted stained fur that could not be cleaned because the painful wobbling teeth got in the way. 

Kitty’s owner cannot be blamed. She was only doing what the junk pet food makers and venal vets encouraged her to do: feed junk food. Kitty’s distress started between 3 and 6 weeks of age when she cut her first teeth and gradually became more pronounced. Things that develop slowly over time become part of the fabric of everyday life. No one notices, until much too late in the piece.

As bad as Kitty’s plight was, you can see how in just seven days her prospects, albeit with fewer teeth, improved at an immense level: 

We—all of us—have a chance to protect the Kittys of this world by preventing their suffering in the first place. To do that we need to expose and prosecute the junk pet food/vet/fake animal alliance. In open courtrooms the world over they need to be prosecuted for animal cruelty and consumer fraud—both of which carry criminal penalties.

Have a look at the 1993 Preventative Dentistry article commissioned by Dr Douglas Bryden of the Sydney University Centre for Veterinary Education. It tells exactly how to prevent worldwide suffering. 

It also carries a legal opinion as to the illegality of the promotion and sale of junk pet foods. 

The criminal collaborators knew then and know now. Why was Kitty made to suffer unconscionable cruelty? 

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