Screenshot from video with Tom Lonsdale showing minced meat, and BARF (Born Again Raw Feeders) products.

Why Not BARF?

Why not vomit, puke, spew, BARF? I ask you.

BARF, the name used by the purveyors of minced-up pap of meat, vegetables and bottled supplements started out life as an acronym for Born Again Raw Feeders.

The self-deprecating contraction, BARF, means vomit, puke and spew in American slang.

Vet Ian Billinghurst was the ‘brains’ behind the BARF FAD (Financially Advantageous Diet)

In the beginning Billinghurst drew heavily on the philosophy and teachings of the Raw Meaty Bones Lobby of concerned veterinarians. In fact, Billinghurst, for a short time, joined the Lobby. And in the early days, he promoted the feeding of raw meaty bones. However, bit by bit, he migrated to a position where he advocated and sold BARF Patties of pulverised pap. Subsequently he and his followers have continued to spruik the alleged benefits of the BARF FAD.

Now you can guess where this is heading. Minced raw pap has no business being part of the diet of carnivores, whether wild or domestic. The ideal diet of carnivores is whole carcasses of animals, birds and fish complete with fur, feathers, fins and entrails. The pragmatic option, raw meaty bones and a few table scraps, after decades of experience proves its worth.

In 2018 I was commissioned by an honest vet at the University of Sydney to write an article on Raw Meaty Bones Essentials. It sets out in point form exactly why carnivores need to rip, tear and crunch their food at most/every meal.

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