Cartoon/Illustration of a queue of dog owners and their pets outside a veterinary clinic.

Vet Shortage in the Bubble Economy

Open any vet publication these days and you’re sure to find angst about the vet shortage crisis

But never do you find any discussion of the junk pet food/vet bubble economy and that the problems are of the vet profession’s own making.

In the 1860s Jack Spratt and Charles Cruft conspired to promote dog ownership and the feeding of said dogs with harmful junk, the output of their giant factories.

Cartoon/Illustration depicting vets recommending Kibble pet food "As recommended by the experts".

Fast forward and when the vet profession lost the farm work, it turned its attention to the burgeoning pet trade.

Promoting pet ownership and feeding the pets harmful/poisonous junk is very good for vet business. Plenty of opportunity to overservice with endless failed investigations and failed treatments – IF VETS IGNORE THEIR ETHICAL AND MORAL OBLIGATIONS.

Cartoon illustrating two bored dogs yawning while a vet 'expert' states "Only scientifically produced packed foods provide a complete balanced diet...ahem".

Seems to me it’s past time to confront the confronting evidence, prick the bubble and let the pressure out of the system. Suddenly a global population of pets not needing the vets will provide instant relief.

What could be simpler?

Illustration of a raw meaty bones diet, with the words "Food as medicine"
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