Vet Students Trapped, Pets Poisoned

A colleague writes:

“My niece was studying at the veterinary school in Budapest a few years ago. I went to visit her on campus and I was shocked to see advertising from the usual suspects everywhere.”

See how some Hungarian vet students are seemingly trapped into believing poisonous junk is part of everyday life. See the slogans at the entry to their veterinary school at the entry to their professional lives.

However, consider, if feeding junk food every day to pet carnivores brings about a litany of otherwise preventable diseases, then it appears that Hungarian vet students are being encouraged to break animal welfare laws. Consider also that falsely encouraging vet students to believe Hill’s, IAMS, and Royal Canin junk is good for their clients likely breaks consumer fraud legislation.

Perhaps when Hungarian vet students understand that they are seemingly being groomed to commit criminal activities and to routinely cruelly injure the health of animals, they may bring legal action against their vet schools.

Ultimately, it’s the junk pet food makers who need to be held responsible for wholesale animal cruelty and consumer fraud. 

See Dr Tom Lonsdale’s open letter to the pet food companies and their vet school enablers:

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