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Dr Tom Lonsdale’s First Two Books To Be Rereleased

Dr Tom Lonsdale’s first two books will be republished alongside his latest title, it has been revealed.

Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health and Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones will be published by Rivetco in late April 2023 to coincide with the release of Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding In Plain Sight.

Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Heath, a book by Dr Tom Lonsdale
Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones, by Dr Tom Lonsdale

First published in 2001, and still as relevant today, Raw Meaty Bones exposes a veterinary profession lost without a moral compass, beholden to multinational ‘junk pet food’ companies.

Drawing upon decades of research, respected veterinarian Dr Lonsdale explains how and why industrial processed pet food diets devastate pets’ health, and why pet dogs and cats should be fed raw meaty bones instead.

In Work Wonders, first published in 2005, Dr Lonsdale sets out clearly and simply how to replace a junk pet food diet with nutritious, medicinal raw meaty bones.

It offers a wealth of simple, clear and practical advice, uniquely examining dietary needs from a dog’s perspective – based on easily understood science and sound common sense.

Raw Meaty Bones and Work Wonders will be available in paperback, eBook and audiobook formats.

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