ABC Radio Brisbane

On 24th July 2023 it was my good fortune to speak on WhatsApp with Steve Austin, presenter
of ABC Brisbane Drive programme.

The team effort commenced with Maria Kuljanic providing the programme producers with
copies of Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding in Plain Sight. Steve Austin had
interviewed me back in May 2018 and was keen to speak again about the junk pet food issue.

Modern technology and scheduling played a huge role in the success. Whilst Steve was in his
Brisbane, Australia studio in the late afternoon, I was in our London temporary home at 8.30

Contributing to the success of the venture my old mate Charles Fitzgerald was visiting from
Ireland. Charles filmed the interview on his iPhone.

The next part required the technical skills of Simone Feiler, the wizard behind Audiobook
. Simone was able to match the ABC radio soundtrack to the video footage.

I hope you get to have a listen and help spread the word.

Lots of pets, vets and pet owners need the information.

Best wishes,

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