An obese dog lying on the floor

Royal Canin Obesity Con

In a LinkedIn post Royal Canin tell their 261,632 followers:

Do you know all the benefits of a healthy weight for our four-legged friends? We have listed a few in the infographic below. Check them out!
If your pet is struggling with obesity, a veterinarian should be your first ally to tackle this condition. #RoyalCanin #ABetterWorldForPets #WeightManagement

Royal Canin on LinkedIn
Royal Canin Infographic from their LinkedIn article purporting why a healthy weight is important for your pets. Image Credit: Royal Canin.
Image Credit: Royal Canin

Many questions arise: Why did they create this infographic, how did they do it, what decisions underpin this infographic?

They say of themselves ‘Incredible in every detail’. Yes, it’s incredible to contemplate that everything about them is a lie or in the service of a lie. The infographic is a classic example of truth being directly employed in the service of giant lies. And when you’re as big as Mars, then attention to detail is critical within overall objectives over time.  

In this case, it seems to me Royal Canin, and thus Mars the parent company, have two primary objectives for the obesity post:

  1. Lie #1: Purport to be interested in ‘sitting posture’, ‘body language’, ‘playfulness’ and general comfort of dogs and cats. 
  1. Lie #2: Wrap and maintain their tentacles around the pet obesity global pandemic. Manipulate public perceptions to the effect that obesity has nothing to do with Royal Canin junk products.  

And judging by the number of ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ on the post, their strategy succeeds remarkably. Instead of being perceived as the Devil incarnate, they’re seen as the ‘good guys’ by a majority of the audience. 

Clearly, then, we’ve got big tasks:

#1 Show the vulnerable public and their dependent animals that they are victims of a mighty pet food con.

#2 Convince courts that Royal Canin and other companies like them, are guilty of widespread animal cruelty and consumer fraud. 

Succeed and succeed we must, and the sooner the better. 

Cartoon depicting a pet owner bringing their cat to a 'Royal Canin Approved Weight Management Centre' as the vets rub their hands in glee
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